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Retirement Income Planning

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” 

― Brian Tracy, author and motivational speaker

You have dreamt of your retirement - the trips across the world, the free time to explore hobbies or just not having to go to work every day.

Most people nearing their retirement years do not have a "plan" for their retirement. However, when you retire, you are going into business - the business of running a retirement. Your cash flow and balance sheet will need to account for investment earnings, basic expenses, health care and yes, those hobbies and travels you have been looking forward to in these golden years. 

Many are confused, overwhelmed, or even feel a loss of purpose when they enter into retirement without a plan.  Planning isn’t just about numbers. Planning for your retirement is also about purpose and experiences.  Imagine having a written plan that makes sense of where your income will come from, allows for the growing costs of day-to-day living and healthcare, and clearly outlines how you will pay for the play you have earned in your working years.

Client Centered

Some questions we can and often do help answer through planning are:

  • What do the next 10, 20 even 30 years of my life look like financially and personally? 
  • Will I have enough to not simply pay the bills but to live the life I’ve imagined? 
  • How do I avoid pitfalls in the social security strategy I choose? 
  • How will I best structure and manage the assets I leave behind?

We understand how overwhelming these aspects of retirement can be and the weight of the decision in who to trust to help you with these important choices. 

At KDI Wealth Management, we come alongside you to create a Retirement Roadmap to take what you have imagined and build structure to your income needs and goals.

Working together, we develop a strategy that supports the most important aspects of your retirement income.

  • Investment Allocation and Withdrawal Strategy
  • Social Security Selection Strategies
  • Planning for Medicare and Health Care Expenses
  • Funding Hobbies and Travel

The Retirement Roadmap is a process to obtain a picture of your financial situation, understand your goals for the future and to align a strategy to stay on track so that you can live out your golden years with financial confidence.


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