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Welcome to KDI Wealth Management!
We work with individuals and couples who have arrived at the point in their lives that they feel they need some clarity about their money. They want to make smart decisions in order to have financial freedom and security and to never have to rely on anyone else.

Many of our clients are wealthy in the eyes of others but don’t consider themselves wealthy. Because of this, we still know there is a benefit in starting the discussion around how they see money in their own eyes, not industry assumptions.

A majority of our clients are:
Thinking about retiring or currently retired and want to have a game plan on how to spend, save, give and/or leave a legacy to others.
Going through a life transition – be it losing a loved one, changing careers, retirement, selling/starting a business, or having or graduating children – and need a financial partner to guide them through those uncharted waters.
Business owners who are looking for a financial partner to guide them through business ownership and security.


"By understanding why money is important to our clients, we can help them ensure their priorities are met over the long term. The result is that our clients have a plan in place to help them achieve financial independence and the opportunity to live their ideal lifestyle for the rest of their lives."

- Kevin Dick, AAMS, CRPS, President & Wealth Advisor


"We don't believe people care about pensions or investments; it is what these tools allow them to do that they care about. Whether it is to fund a particular lifestyle or to ensure financial security for loved ones, true financial planning focuses on what matters most to clients."

- Micah Crabdree, CRPS, Regional VP & Wealth Advisor