03 June
KDI's European River Cruise


KDI’s Extraordinary European River Cruise, ‘Castles Along the Rhine’ in
June 2023. We decided to create this adventure for our KDI Family so
that we can experience this together & enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Alana Wallace, Travel Expert with Holiday Cruises
& Tours who will be handling the booking of cabins, travel arrangements &
travel insurance. Alana got a fabulous group rate for this once-in-a-lifetime
trip. We will be having some unique experiences available only to KDI

Pam Kaye is our point person here at KDI.

For questions: 

Pam Kaye at pamela@kdiwealth.com, or call 877-474-4350. 
Alana Wallace at alana@hcttravel.com, or call 928-474-4350.

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Date and Time

June 3 - June 10, 2023

10:00a - 12:00p MST


Amsterdam (Embark) > Basel (Disembark)


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