We now have a podcast!

We are excited to announce our new podcast, PIVOT with KDI Wealth Management!  We have always wanted a platform to offer financial educational information to our clients, their friends and family and our communities.  And now we have found it!

With the rise of the pandemic, we found that timely updates and financial education were valued and desired by our clients and community.  We started off with live webinars for our timely updates, but many of our clients and community members could not attend them due to conflicting schedules.  While we will keep producing the live webinars on a monthly basis, we now have a platform where financial education information can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We will discuss a myriad of financial topics and topics that can affect financial situations by bringing in guests who specialize in those areas!

Please click the link below to access our intro trailer and keep a lookout in the next week or so when our first podcast is released.

As always, please provide feedback and send us any topics of interest relevant to you.  We will do our best to include those topics in future episodes!

All our best,

Kevin, Carrie and Micah


Click the link below to check it out!